Services and Solutions for Innovation.

Carcerano Advanced Design embodies the cultural approach to a project. In this approach, we can identify the innovative aspects to be developed in the subsequent phases: cultural, anthropological and behavioural. But not only: new necessities and functional expectations and habits can also be put into light, as well as new forms, styles, trends regarding colours, materials and trimmings.

Creative Area.

Style & Design are correlated and synergetic (complementary) operations at Carcerano, where ideas for the forms of a product become the creative base for the project itself.

Technical Area.

Specialized experts at the service of product engineering, assisted by know-how computer technology, experience, creativity, tools and technology at work for product development and management during the phases of designing, feasibility studies, structural verifications, assessment of the observance of technical guide lines and regulations in force, studies in engineering and executive designing. Furthermore, we handle the administration of the management of all procedures and the starting off of production.

Solution for the Brand

Carcerano Communications is aided by the help of experts in communications and marketing. It offers the opportunity to use communications as an instrument that accompanies the product from its first phase of creation, up to its final destination on the market. It also makes use of an team of professionals, experts and universities professors, highly qualified in their respective fields of communication.

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