Advanced Design_Strategic Area

Formulas for evolutionary thinking: Searching for mechanisms, forms and concepts to apply to future desired trends. It is the cultural and preparatory approach to any and all projects. It’s where all research and surveys are carried out; where all the innovative types of aspects are developed in the subsequent phases (cultural, anthropological and behavioural; aspects; new necessities and functional expectations and habits; novel forms, styles, and trends; colours, materials and trimmings). But it is also the field of global communication, able to follow the product from its early beginnings of creation up to its introduction on to the market. Professionalism and strategic methods for business companies. The culture and education of image and language as indispensable instruments for the elaboration of specialized and efficient communication.

Available services:

• New Product & Service Development;

• Technical Analysis / Product Analysis;

• Bench Marking;

• Positioning;

• Meta-Design & Concept Design (Specialized Creative Research);

• Applied Research on Specific Design Projects;

• Development of new Products and Services;

• Design and Research of Style.

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