Style & Design_Creative area.

Style & Design are correlated and synergistic operations for the company, here ideas for the forms of a product become the creative base for the project itself. With the work done at style, the company defines future products: form and attributes. Elements that are the bearers of social and cultural values and also styles of life that differentiate an anonymous object from a product of design. At work in the parallel operations of design, all research activity is undertaken: devising of ideas, designing, all aimed at the carrying out of any type of product be it of a materialistic nature (a car or a jewel, for example); be it immaterial ( artificial communication or audio-visual aids), thus proposing innovations from a perspective that concerns form, function and materials.

Available services:

• Package;

• Style & Design Research;

• Sketch;

• Aesthetic calculation (CAS and Mathematics B-A Class);

• Technical Concept;

• Technical Feasibility;

• Rendering.

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